06. Nov 2014 - Publishing Content: Content Publishing

Definition: Everything you publish on our website is content.

Articles, Photos and Photo-Galleries, Videos and Video-Galleries, Guestbooks, Foren, Contacts, Ads, Banner, Blogs, Calenders, FAQ, "Audio-Articles", Accessability, Forms, Modules anywhere, Downloads, Address-Book, Weblinks, eCommerce (Online-Shop, VirtueMart, ...), Mulit-Language, Horrorscope, Maps, Weather, Mobile Display, Greeting Cards, Social Web (facebook, twitter, ....), Sport and Games, ..., K2 (content construction), ...

If you like it more theoretical, visit: Web Content Lifecycle

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19. Nov 2014: Joomla 3.x - Dealing with Microsoft-Software

First I like to mention that I will dissapoint you, this won't be a Microsoft bashing. Second I will prove everything.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is responsible for the international standardisation of the World Wide Web (WWW) and all related technologies. For details visit http://www.w3.org/ .

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10. Dec. 2014: Upgrading Joomla

14. Jan. 2015: Joomla Templates, Introduction

"I want my own template, a perfect template, a template with all features, ... and with everything possible." Additionally, normally these webmasters want to have everything without any knowledge about PHP, CSS, HTML, ... and, of course, without any efforts. they use Dreamweaver, Artisteer and or other WYSIWYG-editors. The result is, sorry, complete crap. Then they try to use a template framework... but:

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