Joomla 3.x - Extending your Website

There are all kind of extentions available, free and commercial ones, for (nearly) everything. Have a look at:

The Joomla Extention Directory

Highlighting some Extentions:

1. Akeeba Backup: This is the non-plus-ultra extention to backup your webproject and database. You can easily restore or migrate your website using Akeeba Kickstart. Other Akeeba extentions can be recommended too.

2. Captcha: Protect your website from SPAM. There are serveral extentions available: ECC+ EasyCalcCheck Plus, Key Captcha

3. Multi Categorisation: Because of Joomla restrictions an article can be assigned only to one category. These extentions allow you to assign an article to multiple categories: FLEXIcontent, very powerful with lots of features, FJ Related Articles Blog and List Component, based on tags or keywords. Another very powerful solution is the extention K2: nested-level categories (no section/category restrictions), commenting, image galleries, videos, attachments, ...

4. Events Calender: JEvents is a "traditional" Events Calender for Joomla, have a look. An alternative may be JE Event Calendar.

5. Communities and Social Network: Create your own Social Community Network with Community Builder. An alternative may be JomSocial. There are lots of extentions to connect, integrate or display facebook or twitter or Google to Joomla.

6. Galleries: Phoca Gallery is propably the best gallery component for Joomla. There are additional modules and plugins available to satisfy your wishes and needs.

7. Download: You may offer some files for download on your website. Phoca Download provides everything you need.

8. e-Commerce: There are serveral shopping cart extentions available, but if you would ask me, I would recommend VirtueMart.

9. Editors: As the default editor provides only some basic fearures, it is a good idea to install an advanced editor like JCE or JCK Editor.

10. Maps & Weather: Implement Google Maps with easy-to-use Phoca Maps on your website! - Here is the weather forecast for Liverpool: sunny spells, you might catch one or two showers, more clouds than we are used to. If you like to have a more sophisticated weather forcast, you may choose one of these extentions.

11. Newsletter: To inform all fans of your website about the latest news you may think about using a newsletter. A good solution is AcyMailing Starter.

12. Joomla goes Mobile: As Smartphones, Tablets, iPads, iPhones and all this mobile equipment becomes more and more important for the internet, there are lots of extentions to please your needs.

13. Multimedia: Show videos on your website, implement videos in your articles, broadcast your events or video-chats, ... - for this workshop I like to introduce you to two video players: AllVideos is a classic and popular extention covering nearly all video providers. An alternative is HD FLY Player.

14. Navigation: You may want to use another menu? Here are more than 100 different menus fulfiling every wish, have a look. - Additionally you may provide your visitors a sitemap using Easy Keyword Sitemap or Xamp.

15. Content Protection: Disable the right click and protect your content using AntiCopy or add source information to content copied from your website with n3t copylink.

16. Copyright? Copyleft!!!: GNU Licenses