Joomla and Social Networks

Social Network, Definition: A Social Network is a group of people sharing common attribute like interests, activities, backrounds, hobbies or whatever.

Maximilian "Max" Schrems, Austria:
europe versus facebook
The Guardian:
24/03/2015: Facebook data privacy case to be heard before European Union court
06/08/2014: Lawyer suing Facebook overwhelmed with support
18/06/2014: European court to rule on allegations Facebook passes personal data to NSA

Edward Snowden:
The Guardian, 117/11/2014: Facebook, Google and Apple lobby for curb to NSA surveillance

Social Networking Sites:


Facebook violates massively European Data Protection Acts of all countries. See: The Guardian, 23/02/2015: Facebook’s privacy policy breaches European law, report finds

You may draw your conclusions. I do not recommend facebook & co, sorry. I would not be suprised, if facebook would have been launched and financed by the NSA. facebook is so expensive, that at the end no one can afford it, you have to pay with our privace and all your data and you will be stripped of all rights.

free Joomla Extentions for facebook
Facebook Fan Page: to display a public, not privat, Facebook Fan Page on a Joomla website
VideoFlow: to share multimedia content between Facebook and Joomla: take your Joomla content to Facebook and bring Facebook's social networking features to your Joomla site.
Facebook-Twitter-Google+1: all in one plugin for Joomla enable "Twitter button", "Google +1 button", Facebook "Like button", the Facebook "Share This button", the Facebook "Comment Box", the "LinkedIn button" and the "Pinterest button" on your published articles
Facebook Events: to display Events from Facebook
Phoca Facebook Comments: to displays Facebook comments on Joomla! site
Advanced Facebook Facepile:


Google+ (One account. All of Google. )

Wiki: Google+
Wiki: Criticism of Google


Google and the NSA:
16/11/2014: Google’s secret NSA alliance: The terrifying deals between Silicon Valley and the security state
Sky News, 18/09/2014: Assange: 'Google Like A Privatised NSA'

Reuters, 15/12/2014: Google faces $18 million fine for web privacy violations: Dutch watchdog

BBS News, 03/11/2010: Google in 'significant breach' of UK data laws

free Joomla Extentions for Google+ (Social Web)

Google Plus Widget Plus:Google Plus Module for Joomla.
Joostrap Google Plus Display: Displays Google+ picture, latest update, link to your profile, Google plus traction, interactions & comment counts.
Google Plus for Jomsocial: connects Joomsocial to Google+ to improve website visits and the Google ranking
Google+ Comments By ExtStore: enables visitors to comment on your Joomla content promptly,  increases traffic, share comment on Google+, ...
Google+ Profile Widget: displays a google+ profile widget on your website
Google+ Page Badge: displays a google+ profile widget on your website
Easy Google Plus: add google plus buttons to your website.
Google Circles for Jomsocial: connect your Google Pages / Google Plus profile with your jomsocial user pages.
2Bros Google Plus Badge Displayer: link your website with your Google+ page
Google Plus Widget Slider: Connect you website to google+
Google +1 Button: Let visitors recommend your content on Google Search and share it on Google+.



Free Joomla Extentions for Twitter
WSD Twitter Sidebar: share your latest Tweets with your website visitors

[Atom Twitter Feeds: display your latest Tweets on your website] I like to mention one comment:
Spammy link
Davide (6).
Posted on 21 October 2014
While the extension does the job it has to do, it may include a spammy link to a Duct Cleaning company with no options to remove it. There is no notice of this link in the description, and even the demo doesn't have it.

UPG Twitter Widget: all the Twitter feeds in one module
SLogin: login to Joomla using your social network account



Free Joomla Extentions for Instagram

Inceptive Pongstagram: display Instagram images in your Joomla! site.



Free Joomla Extentions for LinkedIn

AutoTweet NG automates post publishing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.


Badoo: Display a link to any or all of your profile pages including 42 different social media networking sites.