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News: Google wants to rank websites based on facts ($$$?) not links. Whatever this means...

Google and the NSA
BBC, 31/10/2013: Snowden leaks: Google 'outraged' at alleged NSA hacking
the guardian, 06/06/2013: NSA Prism program taps in to user data of Apple, Google and others
The NSA reportedly has access to all communications made via Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube, AOL, Skype, Apple and Paltalk,[54] and collects hundreds of millions of contact lists from personal email and instant messaging accounts each year.
With other words: ... please draw your own conclusions ...

List of Google domains

Google Services

First, let's get an overview about all these services:

Google on wiki: List of Google products

1. Web
Most popular is Google Search, googles Web Search Engine. For good descripion see wiki Google Search.
Google also provides Encrypted search (ssl) or
and a web browser Google Chrome.
"chrome" (greek) means "colour" (englisch)

2. Mobile
Google Products, or NSA-spy-apps, for your mobile phone

3. Business
"AdWords" for promoting your website and/or your products
"Apps for Work": Professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more. Built for business, designed for teams, and ... No one can trust any spy!

4. Media
Most popular are YouTube, Image Search and Video Search.

5. Geo
Most popular are Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Sky
Less well known is Google Panoramio.

6. Specialized Search
Academic articles: Google Scholar
Search your own website: Google Custom Search, TCVN Google Site Search
Search the web for special content: Google Alerts

7. Home & Office
One can use for websites Google Gmail, Google Calender, Google Sites (Google Websites),

8. Social

9. Code
Google developer documentation, resources, events, and products: Google Developers

Google Products and Joomla

Google Analytics
Generates detailed statistics about a website's traffic etc., but there are questions regarding the Data Protection Act.
Every provider offers statistical tools, so Google analytics is not neccessary. What may all these secret services know about you?
Free Joomla extentions for implementing Google Analytics:
- Asynchronous Google Analytics
- Advanced Google Analytics
- Google Analytics Dashboard
- eorisis: Google Analytics

Google Webmaster Tools
Google Webmaster Tools is a free servive provided by Google to manage a website's listing in Google Search Results. To use Google Webmaster Tools, you have to register and verify your website.
Google Site Verification: Joomla Google Site Verification (Yahoo, Bing, Alexa and Yandex too).
Webmaster Site Verification: verify your website with online verification sites such as Google Webmaster Tools, Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools, Norton Safeweb, WOT (Web of Trust), Yandex Search Engine, Pintrest and Custom Verifications.

Joomla Extentions for Google Webmaster Tools
Descom Google Script: make use of the Google Webmaster Tools, three in one
Webmaster Site Verification: for verifying the online-status of websites using f.e. Google Webmaster Tools
eorisis: Verification: keep your website verified to Google Webmaster Tools

Google Ads
Google Ads Master: Google Ads Master allows you to display your google ads inside your website in any template module position or even inside content articles.

Google AdSense
Ads Elite: An extension to insert Google AdSense in to your Joomla! Website.

Google Tags
Easy Google Tag Manager : The plugin inserts Google Tag Manager script that send information to AdWords, Google Analytics and other services.

Google+ (Social Web)
Google Plus Widget Plus:Google Plus Module for Joomla.
Joostrap Google Plus Display: Displays Google+ picture, latest update, link to your profile, Google plus traction, interactions & comment counts.
Google Plus for Jomsocial: connects Joomsocial to Google+ to improve website visits and the Google ranking
Google+ Comments By ExtStore: enables visitors to comment on your Joomla content promptly,  increases traffic, share comment on Google+, ...
Google+ Profile Widget: displays a google+ profile widget on your website
Google+ Page Badge: displays a google+ profile widget on your website
Easy Google Plus: add google plus buttons to your website.
Google Circles for Jomsocial: connect your Google Pages / Google Plus profile with your jomsocial user pages.
2Bros Google Plus Badge Displayer: link your website with your Google+ page
Google Plus Widget Slider: Connect you website to google+

Google +1 Button: Let visitors recommend your content on Google Search and share it on Google+.


yahoo: Products and Services
Wiki: List of Yahoo!-owned sites and services
Flickr Suite Content Plugin: display flickr photos and flickr videos on your Joomla website
Yahoo! Region News: display the latest yahoo news
Yahoo Web Analytics for Joomla:  a customizable website analytics system

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