Joomla 3.x: Introduction, Installation and Basic Administration

First we create the new website on the local computer. When the website is ready, we transfer the website to a life server.


1. Your own Webserver on your local Computer

You can choose either XAMPP or WAMP. As WAMP-Server is a web development environment, we choose an older version of WAMP: WampServer 2.4

Video (YouTube): Installing WAMP in Windows 7

2. Installing Joomla 3.3.3 in WAMP

First download the newest version of Joomla. Create a new folder at C:\wamp/www/. We named this folder jugnw. Unpack the Joomla-file in this directory (C:\wamp/www/jugnw/).

To create a database open "localhost" (WAMP) in your webbrowser, click on "phpmyadmin", login (default: username: "root" password: "" (no password)), click on "Databases" and create a new database. This database we will use to install Joomla.

To start the Joonla installation, go to "localhost/jugnw/". The installation procedure starts immediately.

Video: Joomla 3.2 Tutorial 1 Installing Joomla CMS on Windows with Wamp Server

3. Backup your Web-Project: Akeeba Backup

Akeeba Backup is the best you can get for backing up your web-project. Download and install this extention.

If you get the massage: "Unable to find the socket transport "ssl" - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP", here is the solution: in WAMP, enable
- ssl_module in the Apache modules.
- php_openssl in the PHP extensions.

 3.1. Installing from the Internet: You may enable the new feature "Install from Web". Go to "Access & Security, Site Security, Backup" and install this extention. If this is not successful, then:

3.2 Upload Package File: download the file "" on your local computer and run the installation-routine. If this is not successful, then:

3.3 Install from directory: unpack the file to "C:\wamp\www\joomla/tmp" and install it. If nothing works, this will work.

Now go to "Components, Akeeba Backup", run the configuration wizzard and backup your project.

Video: Backup and Move

4. Restore Your Website: Akeeba Kickstart

If a naughty demon has corrupted your website.... These things can happen, there are naughty demons in the internet.

Hopefully you do have a fresh and up-to-date backup. Download and unpack Akeeba Kickstart, delete your whole Joomla-project (in case it may be infected by malware), upload the files and open "localhost/jugnw", klick on "kickstart.php" and run the installation routine. That's it, your website is back again.