24. Sep 2014 - Structuring your Website

Joomla: ACL (Access Control List), Rights-Management

Joomla has a very elaborated and powerful Rights Management. this comes with a disatvanage: it is something like complicated and it takes some effort to understand. So let's start:

Which users can gain access to what parts of the website? For example, will a given Menu Item be visible for a given user?
What actions a user can perform? For example, can a user edit or publish an article?

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Joomla Security

Having created a wonderful website and being proud of the result, it is most annoying to discover that your website has been hacked and/or infected with malware. On the internet here are always naughty guys around trying to hack websites maybe just for fun ... To prevent this, we have to take security measures.

First the bad news: there is no 100% security

Second the good news: one can make it very difficult to hack the website and if the worst comes to the worst one can always restore the complete website.

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06. Nov 2014 - Publishing Content: Content Publishing

Definition: Everything you publish on our website is content.

Articles, Photos and Photo-Galleries, Videos and Video-Galleries, Guestbooks, Foren, Contacts, Ads, Banner, Blogs, Calenders, FAQ, "Audio-Articles", Accessability, Forms, Modules anywhere, Downloads, Address-Book, Weblinks, eCommerce (Online-Shop, VirtueMart, ...), Mulit-Language, Horrorscope, Maps, Weather, Mobile Display, Greeting Cards, Social Web (facebook, twitter, ....), Sport and Games, ..., K2 (content construction), ...

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