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20/02/2017: One Day Without Us: National Day of Action

1 Day Without Us was a National Day of Action on 20th Feb 2017 to celebrate the contribution of migrants to the UK, to coincide with UN World Day of Social Justice.

I, Martin Blasczyk, head of the Joomla User Group North West have a German Passport and I am a German citizen. Since 2007/8 my wife am I are living and working in UK.

My contribution: This website and the CLM-websites were shut down for 24 hours on February 20th 2017.

Its all about Human Rights, nothing about politics!

The EU-nationals in UK are living with great uncertanty: The government has declined to give a firm guarantee about the status of EU nationals currently living in the UK (sroll down)

How would you feel, if someone would tell you that you are one of their "bagaining chips" for their gamble?
How would you feel, if someone tells you that you will be their "lifestock on a cattle market to negotiate the price"?
Is someone guilty of having a certain citizenship or a certain passport?
Is someone guilty of having brown hair and brown eyes?
Is someone guilty of not having blond hair and blue eyes?
Who has invented citizenships and passports? You? Me?
Who decided about your or mine or anyone else citizenship? I don't know!
Am I guilty of having got a german passport?

The PM of this country treatens up to 3.6 Million non-british EU-citizens living in UK of becomming illegal after Brexit from one day to another!

But: 19/12/2017, Fundamental rights not a bargaining chip for Brexit, says Committee
citation: "The Joint Committee on Human Rights report says the Government must not use fundamental rights as a bargaining chip. The Committee calls on the Government to give an undertaking to protect the residency rights of EU nationals in the UK. Moreover, the Government will continue to have obligations under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, as we set out in our Report. The UK Government could not deport the large numbers of EU nationals currently in the UK." The human rights implications of Brexit

The Guardian, 01/12/2016: Brexit: 1m EU citizens in Britain 'could be at risk of deportation'
excerpt: "Theresa May has consistently said that rights for EU citizens were a legitimate part of Brexit negotiations..."

No, Mrs. Theresa May! We EU-citizen are not like lifestock on a cattle market to negotiate the price!

The Rights of us EU citizens can not be negotiated!

No one, in particular not the British Prime Minister, has the right to violate the Human Rights!

No one, in particular not the British Prime Minister, has the right to negotiate the rights of EU citizen in UK, because this would be a massive violation of the Human Rights!

This has already happened:, 16/10/2016: Fees for EU nationals and others appealing immigration decisions increase over 500% today
or "... only for those who are rich enough!"

The Guardian, 28/12/2016: Dutch woman with two British children told to leave UK after 24 years

The Guardian, 29/12/2016: German neuroscientist also told to leave UK after residency rejection

The Guardian, 16/01/2017: EU citizens in UK could face 'deliberate hostility' policy after Brexit
excerpt: "Immigration lawyer says government could make it very difficult for people to stay in UK if rights of 1.2 million Britons in EU are not protected. EU citizens could have their lives turned upside down with bank accounts closed, employment terminated and rental agreements revoked..."

The Guardian, 13/04/2017: UK denies residency to London-born children of Dutch-Spanish couple


Keep the Human Rights!

Martin Blasczyk

P.S.: The Guardian, 02/04/2017: Theresa May would go to war to protect Gibraltar, Michael Howard says
No comments about this increadible complete and total madness! And people like this gouvern the country? What a shame!


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