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Joomla Development Crash Course

A familiar face in the Joomla community is coming to London: Jisse Reitsma, author of the book Programming Joomla Plugins, founder of Yireo, is organizing a workshop Joomla programming end of October in London. Just to let you know, there are still tickets available. What is this training about?

A book and now trainings

End of 2014, Jisse Reitsma (founder of Yireo, an internet company based in The Netherlands) wrote a book on Joomla plugins (yes, just plugins) so that other developers would completely understand and utilize the power of Joomla plugin events. Many Joomla programmers (including core members) have already praised the book for its clear explanations and usefulness. Now Yireo is taking things to the next level: Training.

Early this year, Yireo has started working on various trainings focused on Joomla programming. This summer, the first Joomla Development Crash Course was held in The Netherlands. The crash course is a concept where a lot of knowledge is transferred in a single day, focusing on theory instead of practice. This approach proved to be a huge success. And because of this, Yireo is now organizing the same training in Germany and the UK as well. This is for you guys!

October 29th: Joomla training in London

On October 29th, Yireo will be giving a Joomla Development Crash Course in the center of London. Are you eager to learn more about Joomla coding? Do you want to build your own modules, plugins and components? Have you ever wondered why JModel is now an interface and why there suddenly is a JModelLegacy instead? Then this training is a must-attend. However, this training does not stop at the basics.

While normally a programming training will cover things to get you started - setting up a MVC component, understanding plugin events - Yireo takes things up a notch: Thin controllers and fat models, HMVC, framework tricks, interfaces - it will all be covered. Plus you will get a copy of the coursematerial, so you can study things afterwards as well.

Digging this? As a member of the JUGNW community, you also get a discount of 20% - just make sure to use the coupon code JUG20151029UK while purchasing your ticket. More details can be found on the Yireo site:

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